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Archaeological Glass Specialist
K Robin Murdoch FSA Scot

trading as Harlaw Heritage

Archaeological Dig
Camel and Pyramids
Ancient Containers
Ancient Tiles
Ancient Urn
Ancient Building
Ancient Coins


A former aerospace engineer, Robin first became involved in archaeology in late
1971, joining the Edinburgh Archaeological Field Society (EAFS) which had been formed
earlier that year. He was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland in 1976.
His interest in glass was stimulated by the discovery of a considerable deposit of vessel and
window glass during an EAFS dig at Cramond Tower in 1978. In 1991 he decided to give up
engineering to follow a career in freelance archaeology which included hands-on excavation
of virtually all periods from Mesolithic to Industrial in parallel with a continuing interest in
glass research.


Robin has studied and reported on glass assemblages from excavations from
all over Scotland, many of which have been published in proceedings and in stand-alone

In addition to being FSA Scot, he is a member of the Association for the History of Glass, a
trustee of the Scottish Ironwork Foundation and remains a member (Hon) of EAFS.
He would be interested in undertaking the study of and reporting on glass assemblages,
artefacts and window glass from Scottish excavations/locations.

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