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The great majority of Robin’s work over the years has been in the form of reports on glass
assemblages from excavations. These reports are normally presented as parts of the overall
excavation report which may or may not be published in a form available to the public. Many
excavation reports will only be submitted to Historic Environment Scotland for their archives.
In a number of cases glass reports will have been published, sometimes in edited form, but Robin
has not been made aware of these.

The following are examples of what has been included in a broader publication:

‘The Glass’ p68-69, in Excavations at Old Caerlaverock Castle, 1998-9. Dumfriesshire & Galloway
Natural History and Antiquarian Society (2004)
ISSN 0141-1292

‘The Glass and window lead’ p81-88 in Fast Castle, Excavations 1971-86. EAFS 2001.
ISBN 0 9513156 2 5

Chapter 11, 'Glass’ p127-143 in Building Scotland. Historic Scotland (2010)
ISBN 978 0 8597670 1

Co-authorship with C J Kennedy, T Addyman and M E Young: 18th and 19th century Scottish Laboratory
Glass: Assessment of Chemical Composition in Relation to Form and Function
p253-267 in Journal of
Glass Studies, Volume 60
(2018), The Corning Museum of Glass, New York.
Standard Book Number 978-0-87290-217-6, ISSN: 0075-4250

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